• I went in a big festival last weekend. It was a really amazing weekend with party good music perfect friends. Anyway wonderful time.  

    This festival was taking place under one of this monster of steel, a MegaDome. Here you can see some examples in picture. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

    That the reason why, to get a better understanding about it, I did some research.

    Here you are the main questions I asked, and answers found.




    What’s a Megadome Structure?

    A Megadome is a big prefabricated steel structure, made up of a complex network to provide it notable strength and mobility. There are a lot of profile type, for example:

    •          XL Profile
    •          LP Profile
    •          HP Profile
    •          XP Profile
    •          XXP Profile..

    This kind of structure could be mobile and provisional. They have the advantage of be removed as quickly as they were installed.  Moreover if you have any environment or space constraint, you can adjust your structure at your convenience.

    Nevertheless, it can be used for various purposes which require rapid construction or a large space without center poles.

    This flexibility couldn’t be a fragility?

    This metal structure is greatly solidified by a manufacturing structure, often triangle which allows him to resist as strong wind, rain that external pressure could be caused by an animal or a man, for example.

    Other weakness like rust for example?

    About technical information, the steel structure of the Megadome is covered with a lot of different products skins. By the way, that’s depending on the requirement, air-conditioning, sound or lighting needs. Finally, the membrane Building comes recovering all the steel structure.

    This membrane was made with highest quality of polyethylene. It’s perfectly waterproof and protect to the goods and activities they cover.

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    Pennsylvania is located in the northeast of the United States between New York and Washington.

    Pennsylvania is well considered for its high quality services in the sectors of energy, research and development, tourism, agriculture.

    It is one of territories which offers the most opportunities of investment in usa.  The territory extends over 274km from north to south and 455km from east to west. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into 67 counties and the biggest city is Philadelphia. 


    What about Philadelphia :

    Philadelphia is one of the main cities of the Pennsylvania. It is more than 6 000 000 of inhabitant living in the city and surrondings. Its name comes from William Penn and means «the city of brotherly love ".  Besides being a major historic, cultural and artistic center in the United States, Philadelphia is also a big industrial port on the Delaware River. This is an advantage for companies wishing to develop economic exchanges.

    What about its economy :

    The economy of Philadelphia is dominated by the tertiary sector and the main activities are related to health, transport, telecommunications and financial services. Many big companies have their headquarters in Philadelphia and enjoy all the benefits of this state.

    What about Studies :

    Philadelphia is also an important university town and counts several thousand students and many higher education institutions. Academic campuses participate in cultural dynamism of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

    It’s only a brief description of the richness of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Many companies can support you and help you with more information about investment opportunities in this attractive state of the USA.

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  • Sometimes in companies, it's important to try new things like travels or just new activities.

    A good thing to do for a company are MICE. MICE mean "Meeting, Incentive, Congress Events " it's a events poposed by DMC (Destination's Management Companies) that organise events for other companies. Tose events can be a incentive to motivate and increase the "feeling good" of your work colleagues.

    The job of certain companies is to plan those kind of avents. During a MICE or just a incentive your can discover new stuff like karting or cooking with your teamates.

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  • For many people, buying a property in France is like a dream. Think about the place located in the southeastern part of the country in cities like Nice, Cannes, Marseille and even Montpellier.

    There are new hotspots for foreigners. When talking about southern France, cities like Montpellier, Perpignan and even Toulouse tend to become very trendy and way less expensive than Provence.

    Plus, the Montpellier area offers very nice beaches (La Grande Motte, Palavas and a bit fahrer le Grau du Roi), as well as very nice vineyards in the countryside.

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  • Every activity needs to be scheduled. Most companies whether they operate in manufacturing, services, communication, marketing, goods, medicine, small shops and so on use  online scheduling software  and project management software. It has become a basic tool to do good job.

    Some companies creating software have specialized in medical software, others in appointment scheduling software for salons like beauty salons. The online scheduling software they have created includes an online booking tool added to their current extensive list of features. It allows clients to book online.

    YOu con try other software here

    The beauty salon can improve its relationship with its client by offering them better services and making them gain time. No more phone call to book an appointment. Clients can directly choose the day and the time they prefer, depending on its availability. Since the service is eased, clients come to the salon way more relaxed.

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