• Do you know the wealth of Pennsylvania and its metropolis Philadelphia?


    Pennsylvania is located in the northeast of the United States between New York and Washington.

    Pennsylvania is well considered for its high quality services in the sectors of energy, research and development, tourism, agriculture.

    It is one of territories which offers the most opportunities of investment in usa.  The territory extends over 274km from north to south and 455km from east to west. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into 67 counties and the biggest city is Philadelphia. 


    What about Philadelphia :

    Philadelphia is one of the main cities of the Pennsylvania. It is more than 6 000 000 of inhabitant living in the city and surrondings. Its name comes from William Penn and means «the city of brotherly love ".  Besides being a major historic, cultural and artistic center in the United States, Philadelphia is also a big industrial port on the Delaware River. This is an advantage for companies wishing to develop economic exchanges.

    What about its economy :

    The economy of Philadelphia is dominated by the tertiary sector and the main activities are related to health, transport, telecommunications and financial services. Many big companies have their headquarters in Philadelphia and enjoy all the benefits of this state.

    What about Studies :

    Philadelphia is also an important university town and counts several thousand students and many higher education institutions. Academic campuses participate in cultural dynamism of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

    It’s only a brief description of the richness of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Many companies can support you and help you with more information about investment opportunities in this attractive state of the USA.

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