• Megadome structure, this amazing monster.

    I went in a big festival last weekend. It was a really amazing weekend with party good music perfect friends. Anyway wonderful time.  

    This festival was taking place under one of this monster of steel, a MegaDome. Here you can see some examples in picture. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

    That the reason why, to get a better understanding about it, I did some research.

    Here you are the main questions I asked, and answers found.




    What’s a Megadome Structure?

    A Megadome is a big prefabricated steel structure, made up of a complex network to provide it notable strength and mobility. There are a lot of profile type, for example:

    •          XL Profile
    •          LP Profile
    •          HP Profile
    •          XP Profile
    •          XXP Profile..

    This kind of structure could be mobile and provisional. They have the advantage of be removed as quickly as they were installed.  Moreover if you have any environment or space constraint, you can adjust your structure at your convenience.

    Nevertheless, it can be used for various purposes which require rapid construction or a large space without center poles.

    This flexibility couldn’t be a fragility?

    This metal structure is greatly solidified by a manufacturing structure, often triangle which allows him to resist as strong wind, rain that external pressure could be caused by an animal or a man, for example.

    Other weakness like rust for example?

    About technical information, the steel structure of the Megadome is covered with a lot of different products skins. By the way, that’s depending on the requirement, air-conditioning, sound or lighting needs. Finally, the membrane Building comes recovering all the steel structure.

    This membrane was made with highest quality of polyethylene. It’s perfectly waterproof and protect to the goods and activities they cover.

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