• Decorating a table nicely

    In France, people love decorating their tables with tablecloths. It protects the table from the heat of plates, chocks a table can receive during lunch or dinner, and even wet. For example, when someone spills a glass on the table, it usually is protected. A tablecloth also gives the room warmth. French people put their tablecloths in the washing machine when they are dirty.

    Southern France makes beautiful Provencal tablecloths. They are made of high quality cotton to be wash above 40C°. They show traditional patterns and designs. Their dyes are natural that it why they need to dried naturally. People can choose between round tablecloths, square tablecloths and rectangular tablecloths. There are even napkins to fit the design of the tablecloth. Rectangular tablecloths can easily fit big tables. Southern people love gathering for a meal. It is quite common to be 10 to 15 or 20 sitting at a table.

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