• M2M concept: a promising future technology

    Presentation of what is machine to machine solution

    M2M stands for Machine-to-Machine, which is simply communication between machines or the intermachines communication. M2M represents all the wireless networks that are intended to provide ways to interact with so-called smart objects, without any human intervention technologies.


    In wireless networks include, among other things, the technology of the Internet type mobile 2G or 3G. If you want to use the Machine-to-machine technology over a long distance, it is necessary to associate an integrated system that will be capable of communicating process RF signals SIM card. Telecommunications companies snapped M2M solution and for good reason. This technology has many advantages such as storage of most important information, a life longer features or capabilities of richer communication.


    Machine to Machine solution meets the needs of businesses

    Machine-to-Machine solution can adapt to any professional area of activity. A recent competition, the "M2M Challenge" has enabled a Swiss company to win the first prize. How? The company has developed an application developed with the M2M solution that includes prerecorded personal numbers of family members, friends or emergency numbers at the touch of the crown shows phones. Furthermore, this technology is already used in everyday life, in the field of health and home care through the hotline that allows to overcome the isolation of the elderly. Thus, any impact will be recorded and medical personnel will be immediately alerted via a phone or pager. It seems that M2M will gradually take a prominent place and become essential in our lives. M2m solution providers still have a whole market to catch.

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