• Tools to understand m2m technology

    M2M is a set of wireless technologies. From health experts to mobile operators, every area of activity uses m2m technology.

    According to some m2m expert, M2M technologies based on radio frequency use radio sensors put on the system that we want to have communicating and information exchanges are made via a radio network on which hubs with bounce signals can be installed to expand the scope.


    Typically, this M2M technology is used in applications related to Smart Metering, which is remote reading smart meters.

    To ensure the transfer of information in a context of very long-range, radio frequency technology can be completed by using an integrated SIM card integrated to a system capable of communicating and processing radio frequency signals. Those sim cards are m2m sim cards. They can work in a large part on the type 2G networks and GPRS which flows are sufficient to transmit the current M2M data. But they will be way less sufficient for future applications such as those designed around connected cars and other connected devices.

    M2m industry is a complex area of activity to understand. To have machines communicating with each other companies use m2m platforms. Those platforms implement communication systems able to send, carry and process signals. Data transmission can be done through wireless systems but also through electric current. But this technique allows less data to be sent at a time and is used in very specific areas of activity. This is why wireless systems are more used.

    Lots of new areas of activity use m2m platform providers' services. Businesses operating in finance and in goods distribution are fund of m2m technologies. In the first case, it concerns the ATMs connected with M2M SIM cards giving in real time information on filling levels banknotes and state machines. As we said before, there are many uses of m2m technologies.

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